Off Road Policy


We understand that travelling off the beaten path is the best and most exciting way to experience New Zealand so when you hire an Overland Touring Vehicle from Quiver South, you are able to access drive-on beaches, gravel and dirt tracks. Giving you that opportunity to get off the beaten path and fully explore New Zealand on unpaved roads.

There are guidelines to follow when touring off paved roads and while we try and provide a service with as much freedom as possible, there are guidelines to follow while touring off paved roads:

  • Legal roads, tracks and beaches only - Our travellers are permitted to access drive-on beaches, gravel and dirt roads as long as they are legal to drive on. Permission must be granted to access private land such as farm land and National Park areas and you must get our permission before going ahead.

  • 4WD Tracks are NOT permitted - Purposely made off-roading tracks are not permitted in our touring vehicles. They are built for touring and not for 4WD Tracks. You will not be covered and may be fined heavily for driving in such areas.

  • Recovery - You take your personal vehicle and you decide to drive 60km up a dirt track into a mountain range and due to poor judgment, bad driving or mechanical issues, an incident occurs and you get stuck. Would your insurance cover you and would you get recovery? The same applies here. The recovery service will be at the travellers time and expense.

  • Comprehensive Insurance is included with your Overland Vehicle - It is the same Comprehensive Insurance you would have on your personal vehicle. If our travellers are driving in an illegal manner or in an area they are not permitted to be, you will not be covered. Our vehicles have off-road components including lockers and winches because legal beach driving, dirt and gravel roads are still permitted so these off-road components act as a safety net if we need to recover our vehicles. If our travellers need to use any of these components, contact us first.

  • Environment Protection - Please help us protect the wild places of New Zealand, it’s very important to us. Below are some of the things we can do to protect it.


Here is the Department of Conservations (DOCs) list of must do’s when driving off-road in New Zealand:

  • Avoid sensitive areas. Alpine landscapes, swamps, waterways, sand dunes and river beds are easily damaged by vehicles.

  • Abide by the laws and regulations covering all vehicles and drivers. (Legal Roads Only)

  • Stay on track. Avoid widening them.

  • Keep the environment clean. Take all your rubbish with you.

  • Respect wildlife, look but don’t disturb. Keep your distance.

  • Find out if a permit is required for access. If your trip crosses private land obtain permission.

  • Leave gates as you find them.

  • Always thoroughly clean your vehicle before and after trips to minimise spreading weeds and diseases.

  • Respect the right of others for quiet enjoyment. Avoid noisy driving. Give way to walkers, cyclists, horse riders and others.

  • Be prepared for the unexpected. Drive at a speed which will allow you to stop if a hazard arises.

  • If winching is necessary, use another vehicle. If you must use a tree. use webbing or padding to prevent damage to the tree.

  • Cross waterways with care. Use designated crossings where possible.

Quiver South takes this responsibility very seriously and must stress that our trippers protect the environment and themselves while Four Wheel Drive Camping in New Zealand.

To ensure your safety and prevent you from accidental damage to the vehicle and the land, here are the Quiver South guidelines that must be followed:

  • You will have a full vehicle introduction from us when you arrive and only when you are 100% comfortable and understand the operations of the vehicle will you continue on your journey.

  • Take some time to get used to the vehicle driving experience on our roads. While being an experience to put a smile on your face every time you get behind the wheel, the off-road components on our vehicles make for a driving experience you may never experienced before.

  • Take time to get used to New Zealand roads. If going off-road, do your homework and plan your route pre-trip.

  • In New Zealand we drive on the left.

  • Be safe and pull over when tired and take a break.

  • Pull over in a safe and timely manner to let other vehicles pass.

  • When going off-road, please stay on the tracks to avoid widening them.

  • Only legal public roads, dirt and gravel tracks and beaches to be explored. Permission must be granted on private land.

  • You cannot drive our Campers on purposely made 4WD Vehicle Trails made for serious off-roading.

  • You must be able to drive a Manual Transmission. All of our vehicles have a Manual Gearbox.

  • When exploring with only one vehicle, please do not push your limit and be mindful that if you get stuck, it can be difficult to get out. Recovery will be at your own cost.

  • When crossing rivers, only do so in shallow areas when the river is no higher than the bottom door frame. Water damage will not be covered.

  • Be mindful of weather changes. It can change dramatically and very quickly. Be prepared.

  • In spring and summer, be mindful of snow melt off the mountains raising river water levels.