Aotearoa | New Zealand


Quiver-South gets you off the beaten path in New Zealand with 4x4 camper van rentals and action sport packages for Surf | Snow | Bike. 10% of bookings are reinvested in the environment. 




The first of its kind, Quiver-South offers the complete action holiday. We’ve made it possible for the adventurer in everyone to challenge the New Zealand wilderness in purposely-built campervans outfitted with their gear package of choice. The nitty-gritty has been taken care of so embark on your journey with pure joy and simply focus on the adventure ahead. 

AotearoA - New Zealand - awaits 



We’re living in an age where people have more. More luxuries, more technology, more of everything than ever before — yet so many of us are left feeling unfulfilled and finding ourselves always short on time. We work like clockwork to keep our world ticking, rushing through our days rather than living in the present moment and feeling in tune with the world around us. 

It's time to reconnect with our natural selves and the natural world. High up on a mountain surrounded by stillness or using its terrain to push yourself back down, or out in the ocean feeling its energy pass beneath you, it's Mother Nature reminding us what truly matters. In moments like these we appreciate our environment and we fill our lives with balance. 

New Zealand's raw wilderness is something to be inspired by. Quiver-South aims to get you out there so you can experience it for yourselves.


We aim to use Quiver-South to foster environmental awareness, fund environmental activism, and to organise and support conservation efforts in New Zealand as well as non-profit activists throughout the rest of the world.

10% of all bookings are reinvested back into our planet. We use 9% of sales from each booking to fund conservation projects, which you can stay updated on via our website or newsletter. Quiver-South is also a member of the Patagonia-founded 1% for the Planet and gives a further 1% of sales to support these causes. 

At the same time, we will continue lowering our own footprint in our efforts to achieve this vision and are grateful for your help.

Your Journey Into Nature Should Protect It